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Clover Technologies Group Partners with Concurrency on CRM Projects Across Its Worldwide Operations

"Time-to-market is so quick [in our industry] and you are very good at that. You are also great at planning and helping us strategize and to see the big picture.”
 - Tim Linsenmeyer, CIO, Clover Technologies Group

Clover Technologies is a worldwide company focused on recapturing value for customers throughout the imaging, wireless and telecom industries. The company’s three divisions employ 19,000 people located in over 60 locations across 18 countries.

Clover’s large scope and scale present strong competitive advantages in its industries. One important way to realize these advantages is to make best use of customer data.
To do so, Clover’s IT team partnered with Concurrency.
Our work with Clover has been multi-faceted—no surprise in a company with three divisions and worldwide operations.

We first began our work with the company’s Imaging Group when Clover was preparing for strategic enhancements to its approach to CRM.

We began by helping with CRM system backlogs to ensure that software requests from the sales team would continue to be handled in a timely manner. We worked directly with members of the sales team on these needs. We also worked to ensure that some critical third-party tools were functioning properly and being used effectively in concert with the CRM system. For example, we assisted with some CRM integrations with Clover’s phone system.

More generally, we also began assisting Clover with enhancing sales tracking efficiency in the CRM system—an important project for business operations and appropriate recognition of sales team members for their successes.

For that project and others, we began meeting and coordinating with Clover’s internal CRM Executive Committee. And we continue to do so now, working closely with sales executives and IT leaders to plan and implement solutions.

Among the most significant areas of progress were migrations from two previous CRM systems (SalesI and Salesforce) to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We helped Clover ensure functionality was maintained in the migrations and that all aspects of the transitions were smooth. We also provided training for users.

Tim Linsenmeyer, CIO, said, “The bigger challenge for us which Concurrency helped us with was the real-time integration to our MS Dynamics Vision platform.”

Linsenmeyer said, “The integration was key and the Concurrency team did a very good job on helping us with that. Your team doesn’t do staff augmentation for us and just build it. You work with our team to do it and train our team and support us afterwards. As good as we are, it’s great to have you guys help us lead technically. We help functionally—and you train our team and are always there to support us.”

Over time, our work with Clover spread across industry divisions and geographic areas. For example, we handled specific projects for the Canadian group and at a company Clover acquired in California. In all situations, we worked to ensure the migration was smooth, features were maintained, and upgrades were scheduled appropriately.

Linsenmeyer added, “Time-to-market is so quick [in our industry] and you are very good at that. You are also great at planning and helping us strategize and to see the big picture.”

Results and Next Steps
Since our initial work with Clover to handle backlog requests, build out features, and migrate to Dynamics CRM, we have now also assisted with a transition across all divisions to the Online version of Dynamics CRM. This standardization streamlines maintenance, upgrades, and feature build-outs.

We are honored to serve Clover across a wide range of ongoing CRM projects. We see our role as combining a thorough knowledge of the organization with specialized CRM expertise.

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