Microsoft Workplace Productivity Summit - Downers Grove

October 18, 2018 | 9:00AM - 12:00PM | Downers Grove, IL

Enable employees in the Digital Workplace to achieve more by creating a work environment that’s continually evolving and more productive. Tailor Microsoft Office 365 experiences by harnessing data and drawing actionable insights. Come see the new modern teamwork capabilities that elevate your workplace communication and collaboration.

You're invited to the Microsoft Workplace Productivity Summit, a multi-session event exploring the latest solutions you need to transform and connect your workplace. 

Topics include
•    Measuring Workplace Productivity
•    Leveraging the Microsoft Graph to manage productivity
•    Understand the future of communication and collaboration within Office 365
•    Leveraging Microsoft Teams, Delve, and SharePoint
•    Build Power Apps and understand Flow
•    Ensure your modern workplace is secure but still empowering to your users
Event Address

3025 Highland Pkwy
First Floor
Downers Grove, IL 60601