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Digital Operations

The support your team needs to maximize impact and business outcomes from your technology investments.

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Concurrency Digital Operations

The Concurrency Digital Operations team is designed to support your team’s success. Our experienced, multi-disciplinary digital transformation experts focus on what matters most – ensuring your technology implementations are supported and maintained to maximize your organization’s technology ROI. Our Digital Operations team provides the ongoing support services, administration and scaling resources needed to properly support your enterprise infrastructure and applications.

Infrastructure Hosting & Ongoing Support

The Concurrency Digital Operations team specializes in managing your Azure environment. Our team proactively monitors scaling and performance issues and leverages our vast Microsoft partnership and expertise to ensure your Azure environment is well managed and maintained so your organization can maximize the benefits of the cloud.

The Concurrency Digital Operations team provides Level 2 and 3 support expertise for your Azure infrastructure, custom applications, and data and offers service-level agreements ranging from 2 hours to 5 business days.

How Concurrency Digital Operations Benefits Your Organization:

  • Frees up internal resources to focus on new project implementations and priorities
  • Maximizes your technology ROI with consistent, proactive support levels
  • Provides a flexible, scalable support solution amidst a period of rapidly changing business conditions, staff availability and digital acceleration
  • Access to Concurrency resources and subject matter experts to train and coach your team on new technology investments

Cloud Services Provider and Managed Services Provider

Concurrency Digital Operations offers customized support solutions based on your organization’s resources and business needs. Offerings include:

  • Cloud Services Provider (CSP) – hosting and managing your applications or a sub-set of your infrastructure within a Concurrency controlled tenant
  • Managed Services Provider (MSP) – Ongoing support contracts that offer service-level agreements ranging from 2 hours to 5 business days
  • Premier Support – support services offering scheduled blocks of hours with time and materials resources

Concurrency Digital Operations is Uniquely Equipped to Deliver Added-Value as a CSP and MSP

Our Digital Operations team focuses on ensuring outcomes for your employees, customers, and partners. We offer a wide range of “lights on” support including:

  • Support of enterprise application with availability of up to 99.9% for application customer access
  • Support of enterprise application functionality questions
  • Maintenance of enterprise architecture document for support purposes
  • Maintaining of enterprise infrastructure and application-as-code environment
  • Management of environment through customer architecture, linked to Concurrency’s Cloud Managed Platform
  • Flexibility to operate in your enterprise environment or Concurrency’s environment
  • Service-level agreement support of your application environment with ability to respond to outages

Concurrency also offers deep expertise in Application Environment Governance including:

  • General application governance services
  • Cost optimization of existing application environment
  • Security reviews based on Azure Security Center

Getting Started

Concurrency Digital Operations offers the support you need to ensure your technology investments are well supported and managed so you can focus on developing what’s next. Contact us today to learn how Concurrency Digital Operations can benefit your organization.


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