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Internet of Things

Network connectivity for everyday objects, allowing them to send and receive data.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has exploded with opportunity in the last few years—check out this infographic. IoT represents huge savings and opportunities for both the consumer and industrial internet.  Several trends have emerged over the past several years that are shaping the IoT market:

  • Continual growth of data and increased analytics capabilities enabled by cloud computing
  • Rapid growth in mobile devices and mobile enabled appliances
  • Cross over between industrial, operational, and smart mobile devices
  • Convergence of industrial and enterprise applications

Our core approach focuses on four pillars of IoT:

  • Collect Data via Devices and Sensors: The physical devices that collect information, data from robotics, probes, legacy PLC, consumer sensors and industrial sensors
  • Transport Data via Mobile: The data transportation that moves device data to the cloud including Wifi, 4G LTE, Bluetooth, and Infrared
  • Store data via Cloud: The storage location for all collected data with end capacity
  • Visual Data: The consumption of collected data for visualization in via traditional BI solution to predictive analytics and machine learning

Solution Offerings

  • IoT Roadmap: See what options are available and how those technologies can be best leveraged within your specific line of business to gain business insight and ROI.
  • IoT POC: Eliminate or quantify specific risks, barriers, or technologies related to your enterprise IoT strategy.
  • IoT End-to-End: Engage in a full build and deployment of an IoT solution such as remote monitoring or predictive analytics / predictive maintenance.

Internet of Things Case Studies

  • Global Industrial Company

    Global Industrial Company

    Concurrency Designs Modern IoT Analytics Solution for Global Industrial Company

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