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Manufacturing IP Solutions

Increase Efficiency, Unlock Innovation & Gain Competitive Advantage with ROI-Driven IP Solutions

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Concurrency technology experts have deep expertise helping manufacturers and distributors optimize supply chains, improve operational efficiency and identify innovations and new revenue streams.

We've developed eight Manufacturing IP Solutions that are proven to drive measurable business outcomes. Each solution offers a proven framework to deliver immediate ROI and provides a simple path to implementation from pilot project to broadscale implementation. Contact us today to get started.

1. Demand & Inventory Forecasting

This solution leverages Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure Synapse, Databricks and Power BI to deliver a unique, automated approach to optimize demand and inventory forecasting. It automates your ability to forecast supply chain requirements and reduces overstock inventory by 10-30%, reduces inter-location shipping by 10-20% and improves in warehouse efficiency by 10-50%.


2. Automate Sales Quoting with Intelligent Sales Agent

This solution leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to increase the speed at which you respond to incoming sales quote requests and provides a competitive advantage on the front end of your supply chain.


3. Predictive Maintenance Manufacturing Framework

Machine failures and production downtime is costly. Our Predictive Maintenance Manufacturing Framework helps you proactively monitor and manage critical machine maintenance to improve business operations, customer service levels and product quality.


4. AI for Good Product Picking

Optimize product picking warehouse operations while expanding work opportunities for employees and employers with our AI for Good Product Picking Solution. The solution leverages Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning, Azure SQL and Azure Speech and location awareness to expand employment opportunities among job-seeking adults with cognitive disabilities. 


5. Smart Products

Our Smart Products IP Solution applies Azure IoT, Synapse, Sphere and Machine Learning to convert current offerings into smart offerings to create new revenue streams and increase customer engagement.


6. Customer Insights

Concurrency Data Scientists can analyze your customer and product data to provide insights that you did not know you had. These discoveries are used to deliver efficiencies and create net new revenue streams for your business. This IP solution combines the big data of Synapse with a rich understanding of your data to provide you with a competitive differentiator.


7. Cycle Counting

This solution leverages Azure Machine Learning, Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure Synapse, Databricks and Power BI to accelerate your cycle counting processes and increase operational efficiency. Customers have leveraged this IP solution to realize a 50% reduction in cycle counting time and 75% increase in accuracy compared to manual operations.


8. Quality Management

This solution leverages Azure Machine Learning, BOT Framework, Azure Kubernetes Services and Azure Synapse to improve finished product quality inspections. Customers have leveraged this IP solution to realize a 25% reduction in re-work, 300% reduction in inspection time, and 25% increase in revenue tied to discovered service failures.


Resilient Supply Chain

Resilient Supply Chain

Better predict demand, improve forecast accuracy and optimize inventory levels to lower inventory costs and reduce shipping costs

Unlock Innovation


Identify smart products and innovations to increase market share or enter new markets

Agile Operations


Transform product picking and predictive maintenance to reduce manufacturing costs and production downtime

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