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How businesses succeed is changing very rapidly and data is quickly becoming the key to success for most organizations. Data is no longer solely stored in perfectly defined relational databases, data warehouses, or data marts. Often data is processed in flight and never gets stored at all. Sometimes data is so robust and complex it needs to be stored because we know there will be insights to that data that we just haven’t discovered yet.  

We strive to help our customers turn intelligent insights into prescriptive actions, or rather, provide them the tools and platforms they need to glean key insights that will help their organizations leapfrog the competition and possibly disrupt their entire industry. These intelligent insights are often predicted using advanced analytics and can take actions without human intervention. These types of prescriptive actions can help customers excel beyond their competition, however, a modern data platform is required for these actions to be established.

Concurrency has worked with many large companies to help organize, streamline, store, process, and analyze their data across both on-premises and in the cloud.   We can help you develop strategies to modernize your data platform, implement it using the right technology, and govern it in a way that allows it to be used consistently across the organization.

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    The modern data platform consists of several different data exploration, reporting, storage, and aggregation workloads to accomplish the needs of modern enterprise data processing.
    The enterprise modern data platform is:


    • Hybrid: Not all data has made it to the cloud yet. Some organizations are required to store some of their data on-premises.
    • Elastic: Allows for additional processing during peak data load times.
    • Flexible: Allows for the use of the right tool for the right job.
    • Governed: Patterns of implementation and guiding principles on how to use the platform must be established to achieve success in such a complex environment.


Enterprise Modern Data Platform Strategy – The modern data platform can become a very complex space for many organizations.  There are many different data sources and data storage techniques.  Some data is structured and some is not.   Some data is streaming, and some have high volume requirements that require newer tools such as a Data Lake.   In this engagement, we will help define what the platform looks like, how it should be used, and how it can be governed over time.  We will also define what tools and platforms will enable your organization to realize success from implementation both now and in the future.

Data Platform Health Check – Over time, deployments of data platform components such as SQL Server deployed in the cloud or on-premises, or Azure data services such as Azure SQL Data Warehouse can get bogged down and stop performing.  In this engagement, we will analyze and monitor your platform and make recommendations to remediate any issues.

Data Platform High Availability Planning and Deployment – Most enterprise modern data platforms are hybrid solutions that combine on-premises and cloud assets. In this engagement, we will help plan and design the right hybrid architecture to provide high availability and redundancy within the data platform.

Modern Data Warehouse Case Studies

  • Bank Holding Company

    Bank Holding Company

    Bank Holding Company Partners with Concurrency to Gain Operational Insights from Loan Portfolio Data

  • Global Safety Consulting and Certification Company

    Global Safety Consulting and Certification Company

    Connecting Data Systems and Replacing Outdated Reporting Platform to Provide Self-Service Insights to Customers

  • Industrial supplies company

    Industrial supplies company

    User-Friendly Customer Data Portal for Global Industrial Distributor

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