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Unlocking the hidden insights in your data.

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Many organizations have untapped insights in their key strategic asset - data. Finding those insights can be difficult and expensive if it’s not done using proven processes. The business has knowledge about why things happen and has more validated data at their disposure in which to look for insights. Microsoft’s Power BI is our end user tool of choice for providing these capabilities to end users.

Making an insight intelligent not only means finding that piece of information that is impactful to your business, but also making it easy for the business to take action. Ideally, action can be taken with no user intervention at all. The cloud has made all of the tools necessary to do this available to organizations of all sizes.

Concurrency has a structured approach to bringing your organization to this new level of turning data into intelligent insights into prescriptive actions. It starts by defining the business problem and setting success criteria.  We then use robust visualization techniques to begin to solve the problem. From there, we use our modern data platform to allow data to be accessed at the source. Lastly, we apply advanced analytics techniques to process large amounts of data and make predictions that allow us to take those prescriptive actions and automate processes without large interventions.

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    The most rapid way to leverage the intelligent insights solution is to leverage Microsoft Power BI and the  Cortana Intelligence Suite. This suite of products ranges from data ingestion all the way to rich visualizations. There are also prepackaged solutions that can help get your solution started with just a few clicks.
    Some keys to success for an Intelligent Insight solution are:

    • Focus on the business need at hand and establish well defined success criteria
    • Explore and visualize the data using Power BI, looking to unlock related insights
    • Use the modern data platform to pull data from the appropriate sources in real time
    • Expand on the solution using advanced analytics techniques.


Power BI and Visualization Strategy – Unlocking insights requires looking at data in new ways.  It also requires many data sources both inside and outside your organization.  Advanced analytics techniques can take those insights even one step farther.   In this engagement, we will help define your business needs around data reporting and visualization and how Power BI and the Cortana Intelligence Suite can help you meet those goals.
Intelligence Insights Quick Start – Intelligent insights are only realized when you combine robust visualizations, a modern data platform, and advanced analytics together.  In this engagement, we will help your organization start to leverage this type of approach by taking small iterative POCs and building on them:
Step 1 – Problem Definition and Robust Visualization POC
Step 2 – Moving to timely data using the Modern Data Platform POC
Step 3 – Making your solution predictive and take prescriptive actions using Advanced Analytics

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