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Advanced Data Analytics

A combination of business expertise, technical engineering, and data science

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Many companies are starting to understand the extent to which modern technology can help streamline and automate their business. Organizations need to be able to automate decisions that normally take many hours for a human to research and analyze. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data analytics have not been within the reach of organizations until recently. For example, recent advancements in data science have allowed businesses to leverage their data using computational approaches to estimate the most efficient strategy for carrying out an objective.  It takes an “advanced” analytics approach to business problems to implement these solutions.

The most difficult part of advanced analytics is not the technology, but the application to real world business problems. There are industry patterns that can jump start your organizations journey into advanced analytics and Concurrency’s architects and data scientists can help get you there more quickly than you can on your own.

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    The most rapid way to leverage an advanced analytics solution is to use proven processes for problem definition and approach. It is also best to leverage well known solution patterns.  Concurrency uses a similar process when approaching these types of projects:
    Advanced analytics solutions are difficult, but you can be successful by keeping in mind the following guiding principles:

    • Center your solution around a business need or problem.
    • Establish well defined success criteria
    • Realize these solutions are a journey, not a destination. Sometimes the answers are “good enough”. 
    • Complete your solution by automating prescriptive actions using the intelligent insights discovered.
    • Leverage the hard work of others by using predefined examples or solution gallery templates as a quick start.


Advanced Analytics Strategy - Advanced analytics solutions require a new way of thinking - a way  that combines business expertise, technical engineering, and data science. In this engagement, we will help define what business patterns of analysis are correct for your organization, what defines success for each of those patterns, and provide guidance on how those patterns can be implemented. 
Cortana Intelligence Platform Quick Start - Our expert team will help you plot a structured approach to using advanced analytics within your organization. We will select a candidate advanced analytics scenario and conduct a pilot using repeatable patterns you will be able to leverage for future scenarios within your business.
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