Remote Server Troubleshooting

With complex and constantly expiring admin passwords, too many RDP sessions, and too many server IPs to keep track of, managing and troubleshooting issues across multiple servers can be troublesome.  Today, we will look at a few tips to help make it easier to stay organized and work more efficiently.

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Azure Updates

Ignite 2017, held late last month, contained many exciting announcements for Azure.  Here, we'll highlight some of the best new and updated features.  There are many more than can be listed here so be sure to check out this blog post for a complete rundown.

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Project Honolulu

Currently in technical preview, Project Honolulu is a web-based server management platform developed by Microsoft.  It provides a simple web interface that allows you to manage multiple Windows servers from a single place. 

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Azure Resource Management

Within Azure, there are two primary ways to organize deployed resources.  Subscriptions are the top-level organizational boundary and provide complete isolation between resources.  Resource Groups are the next tier of separation and only provide a logical organization of resources. 

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