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Intro to Card Sorting

Have you ever used a product and the experience was horrible? I have, and it drove me to use a different product altogether. In an app for creating GIFs, the navigation items were placed improperly, and icons represented the wrong action items. The overall experience drove me to use a different product and avoid returning even after the company had fixed the issue. To maintain a strong customer base, it is important to focus on a good navigation system based on customer input.  

Christos Konstantakis by Christos Konstantakis

6 Levels of Maturing ITSM for a DevOps World

What shape does IT Service Management take in a modern DevOps world?  For your IT department, they might not even know to ask the question.  They likely are stuck thinking of ITSM as ITIL and IT as a centralized function delivered to the business.  How does IT Service Management evolve as IT, or tech, becomes […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

From Silos To Services – Transforming The IT Organization Part 2

It should be recognized that the ITSM transformation needs to operate as an ongoing program, not a one-time project. This describes a program that will start by putting the overall ITSM foundation in place in terms of organization, vision and governance followed by implementation of targeted activities to achieve first short-term wins and then longer-term strategies over time.

Randy Steinberg by Randy Steinberg

Is Purview the Picture of the Elephant?

We’ve heard the story… five people wearing blindfolds walk up to an Elephant. Each interprets what they feel and experiences a part of the entirety of the elephant. “It’s a tree trunk!”… “it’s a rope”… “it’s a hose”… only when combined together do they arrive at the conclusion of what they are looking at. Most […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

7 Habits of Inspiring Tech Leaders: (7) Agent of People

The final habit of inspiring tech leaders may be the most important… to be an Agent of People. The best tech leaders lead human first. They create organizations that individuals and teams want to be part of. They create engaged, talented, and inspiring workplaces. They make people the best versions of themselves. There is no […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

V.S.I (Virtually Scheduled Interactions)

Camaraderie in the workplace has changed in the last 2 years. Is it for the better? Debatable. But I want to highlight the ways it is different from my perspective.

Drew Johnson by Drew Johnson

From Silos To Services – Transforming The IT Organization Part 1

When it comes to providing IT support to the business, a major evolution is on the horizon. The traditional IT operating model of delivering IT to the business in the form of bundled capabilities and assets is wearing thin in an age of cloud computing, on-demand services, virtualization, outsourcing and rapidly changing business delivery strategies. What IT traditionally engineered, built, owned and operated can now be bought from many sources more easily without inheriting the specific risks of ownership, support, building and managing an operating infrastructure. Part 1 of this post discusses key concepts for adapting an IT organization to services.

Randy Steinberg by Randy Steinberg

Embracing Change: Application of the OCEAN Model

Change is dynamic. Change is hard. Change is Necessary.

As humans, our psyches and bodies are hardwired to not accept change. Developing a deeper understanding of our unconscious and reactions to change (e.g., laughing, complaining, discounting ourselves, etc.) helps us to access our insecurities and fears and face them head on.

Elizabeth Fleming by Elizabeth Fleming

Working Together During a Pandemic to Drive Positive Organizational Change

We have all been changed by the effects of Covid-19, from our personal lives, family activities, and work routines.  All projects that propose to change an organization, from technical implementations, to process improvements require strong teamwork and smart Organizational Change Management (OCM) activities for success.  How has this pandemic changed teamwork within your organization?

Nick Rustad by Nick Rustad

7 Habits of Inspiring Tech Leaders: (6) Agent of Investment

Most IT leaders know that IT costs run around 3% of revenue for an average company.   The legacy CIO will see their job as keeping the IT costs around that number.  But… did you know that technology investment is actually INCREASING year over year?  The reason it isn’t visible in the “3%” is that technology […]

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski