How to do a tenant-to-tenant OneDrive for Business batch migration using Sharegate and PowerShell

One of the challenges with OneDrive for Business migrations is that each user's OneDrive is its own site collection.  That means each site source site has to be mapped to each destination site.  Using the user interface is rather tedious and time consuming.  Fortunately Sharegate has a PowerShell module attached to it that allows you to run a PowerShell script that references a .csv file with the mappings already paired up

Craig Jahnke by Craig Jahnke

Creating an Office 365 Group with Team Site when Create O365 Groups is Disabled

I was stuck for a bit, because I didn't want to enable Office 365 Group creation in Azure and I when I went to the SharePoint admin center, it didn't look like I could create one there, but it turns out you kind of can...  Not in the old admin center, but Microsoft has released the preview of the admin center.

Craig Jahnke by Craig Jahnke

4 Reasons Companies Move to Office 365

I have worked with several clients who are moving their data that resides on-premises to Office 365.  This usually leads to the conversation around how they want to use and the platform, security settings, and how employees will be sharing the data.  I like to start the conversation covering the 4 main reasons I have found companies move to the Office 365...

Craig Jahnke by Craig Jahnke

The Evolving World of SharePoint

Anyone who has been working with SharePoint for more than a short period of time has seen the product has go through many ups and downs. Right now I believe SharePoint is evolving to the modern age and the future looks incredibly bright. 

Drew Madelung by Drew Madelung

Concurrency awarded as Milwaukee Business Journal Fastest Growing Firm

Concurrency’s rapid growth in the last few years is a direct result of our work to help customers with their digital transformation, the integration of digital technologies such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud, in the service of transforming how their businesses work.

Jake Borzym by Jake Borzym

Tenets of Modern IT Management - 10 Part Video Series

The transformation of IT organizations into competitive advantages of their businesses has driven the adoption of Modern IT Management tenants and we've produced a 10 part video series detailing them.  You'll find below the 10 part series which walks through each tenet.

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

VIDEO: Microsoft EMS Walkthrough

You've heard a lot about Intune and Mobile Device Management (MDM), but what about the myriad of other components that are included with the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)?

Shannon Fritz by Shannon Fritz

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