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Wish list for SharePoint 2016

Author by Ofer Gal

Soon SharePoint 2016 will be unveiled.

I wonder if it will have what I want it to have.

Here is my wish list:

  1. Written with 5
    1. It would be very cool that during the installation, it will go get what is still missing as a NuGet package instead of giving a nasty error.
    2. Self-updateable if we so wish.
    3. Smaller footprint will make somewhat quicker maybe.
  2. Use only .NET core. Maybe installable on Linux
  3. Use bootstrap in the out of the box master pages. Make it easy on us please.
  4. Some visual designer.
  5. Only support HTML5 and up. No more backward compatibility with IE8 issues.
  6. Real breadcrumbs in all console admin pages (Like it should have been since 2007)
  7. May the names we give application pools, for all the services, be visible in IIS manger’s application pools list.

Ofer Gal

Senior Technical Architect & Developer