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Windows Server 2003 Migration Event Video

Author by Shannon Fritz

With the impending end of support for Windows Server 2003 less than a year away, we hosted several events to help start the planning process to migrate away from the platform that many of us have ben using fore more than a decade.  Below, you'll find a recording of the event for your viewing pleasure.

The presentation is based on Microsoft's own 4 step process to (1) Discover, (2) Assess, (3) Target, and (4) Migrate.  The majority of the presentation is focused on Targeting, or how to select the best platform to provide the services that you depend on.

I also demonstrate how to use AppZero to lift applications off of your 2003 servers and place them on 2012 R2 without actually installing or exporting data to the new server.  This is a very powerful utility that allows you to copy applications in their current configuration off of the operating system and lay them back down on a new host, which can be very powerful in server upgrades or migrations, especially if you do not have installation manuals or notes or vendor support!


Shannon Fritz

Infrastructure Architect & Server Team Lead