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Windows Azure Pack Tip: Grant Users or Groups access to the Admin Portal

Author by Matt Gutierrez

One of the most common issues that arise after doing a Windows Azure Pack installation is that a user does not have access to the Admin Portal (Access is Denied). On a fresh installation of Windows Azure Pack by default there are only two users who can access the Admin portal, the user who did the install (Should be the Azure Pack service account) and the local admin of the server. 1 In order to give access to a User or Group you will need to run a Powershell command from a server that has the Azure Pack cmdlets installed (Can be downloaded here The easiest way to run this is from the Azure Pack Server where the Admin Portal is installed. 2 Add-MgmtSvcAdminUser –Principal ‘DOMAIN\User’ Replacing Domain with your domain and User with the name of the user or group you would like to give access to. This command will run fine if the Azure Pack server also happens to have the SQL database installed on it. However if you do not have SQL installed on the same box as the Azure Pack sites you will need to use a connection string to run the command. $Connection = 'Data Source = SQLSERVER; Integrated Security = SSPI; Initial Catalog = Add-MgmtSvcAdminUser –Principal ‘DOMAIN\User’ –ConnectionString $Connection *Note you will need to run this command as a user who already has access to the admin portal As a general rule I like to add a security group to the admin portal so the next time a user needs to be added you can just drop them in the correct AD group no powershell needed.

Matt Gutierrez

Systems Engineer