Windows 8 Hyper-V Replica and Processors at World Wide Partner Conference

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

At the World Wide Partner conference, Jeff Woolsey showed some awesome features apparently due in Windows "8", as well as addressed the VMWare vTax.  He talks about virtual CPUs (16) and Hyper-V replica.  Hyper-V replica is a feature that allows a Hyper-V host to replicate virtual machines to another Hyper-V host, or into the cloud.  Microsoft is again going to be commoditizing a feature that used to require extensive hardware and third party software.   Here is the post from Jeff Woolsey:   You can see the Hyper-V replica features at the 36 minute mark in this video:   In respect to the vTax issue, it is clear that Microsoft's value proposition has again become clear.  Microsoft has not only closed the gap, but also is innovating in areas that VMware can't even touch.  Why Microsoft virtualization?  Here is some good reading:   Happy virtualizing!   Nathan Lasnoski

Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer