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Windows 10 Preview Event Video

Author by Shannon Fritz

I had the chance to do a 6-city tour presenting a Preview of Windows 10 about a month before the official release.  It was one of our best attended events as of late, and many people were asking for a recording to share with the friends and peers.  I'm happy to oblige!  The video below was recorded on June 12, 2015 in Downer's Grove, IL.  The content is based on the Windows 10 Preview Build 10130, so some of the specifics have changed, but the core message remains consistent. If you have any questions, please reach out by filling out the comments below, via email or even find me on Twitter. Below is a big list of blogs and sessions from Ignite and Build to dive deeper into Windows 10.  Note: Some of the Ignite and Build sessions may be taken offline as the material is either updated, replaced or moved to MVA, so you might find a broken link here and there as time passes.

Windows 10 for Enterprise Business

Overview of Win10 for Enterprise

//build/ Keynote (HoloLens near the end) Skip to 1h55m15s for Islandwood Demo Skip to 2h28m20s for HoloLens

Ignite Keynote

Become a Windows Insider, get Windows 10 today

Download the Windows 10 Insider Preview ISO Professional Enterprise FAQ

Provide feedback

Preparing for Windows 10 Deployment: Assessment, Compatibility, and Planning

Application Compatibility in Windows 10

Provide Windows Feature Suggestions

Windows 8 and 8.1 Upgrade Paths

How to upgrade to Windows 10 using the task sequence in System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager

Update that provides the "Windows 10 will be available soon" pop-up

Phone Companion app for Cortana on iOS and Android

Using the Business Store Portal with Windows 10 Devices

Microsoft Edge (formerly “Project Spartan”) Overview

Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11 Deep Dive

IE will not use the Edge engine

Universal Windows Platform Bridge Toolkits

Project Westminster (Web App Bridge)

Project Centennial (Classic Windows App Bridge)

Project Astoria (Android App Bridge)

Project Islandwood (iOS App Bridge)

App Packaging and Deployment for Universal Windows Apps

Microsoft Office: the Next Chapter on Windows 10

Download Office 2016 Preview o365 users with ProPlus Windows Preview Macintosh as well

Passport and Hello

Barbarians Inside the Gates: Protecting against Credential Theft and Pass the Hash Today

Enterprise Data Protection (EDP)

Azure AD Join

Overview of EMS

Password Roll-Over for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Windows IoT

Windows IoT on Arduino

Windows IoT on Raspberry Pi 2

Microsoft Surface at Penny-Arcade

The Surface Hub - A Conference Room and Whiteboard solution

HoloLens YouTube Channel

Windows XP is Dead

Windows Server 2003 is next


Shannon Fritz

Infrastructure Architect & Server Team Lead