What's New with SharePoint Designer Workflows

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There are a number of new features and improvements in SharePoint Designer workflows. Plus, these are the types of workflows that are built without much software code.

Lots of good stuff:
  • We can now modify the built-in 'out of the box' workflows like Approval and Feedback.  Customers have been asking about this for a long time.
  • Workflow is much much friendlier in SharePoint designer.  The editor is no longer an annoying pop-up window and difficult to use.
  • Workflows can be easily moved from site to site, list to list, or server to server.
  • Workflows now auto-generate the form the user fills out - no need to create a list, then create the workflow - you can now create a workflow with specific fields, and then take the auto-generated form and modify it further.
  • Visio can now be used to design and layout workflow - targeted at a power user.  Workflows can be moved between SharePoint Designer and Visio - perfect for one of Concurrency's PPM customers to modify a workflow and publish it to SharePoint.
  • Workflows now include a visual showing what step it's on.
  • Lots more SharePoint Designer actions for things like querying Active Directory, looking up users, and building rich emails.
  • Many new InfoPath form fields, like an easy Date / Time picker
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