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Weekly Microsoft Technology video series by Lee Berg

Author by Lee Berg

I wanted to make a post to highlight some of the video content I have been producing on my YouTube page. I now have TWO weekly video series that cover various Microsoft technology subjects. This Week in Service Manager In this video series I highlight all the news / blog posts / videos / training resources for Microsoft System Center Service Manager each week. Watching every week will keep you up to date with all the latest developments and helpful community updates in the world of Service Manager. As of January 13th 2014 I have posted ten episodes:   Private Cloud Weekly RoundUp This is another weekly videos series were I focus on the Microsoft Private Cloud. The subject matter of this series varies as there are many components to the Private Cloud. Specifically we'll talk about Microsoft System Center, Service Management Automation, Server 2012 R2, Windows Azure Pack, and more!   The audience for these videos is the Microsoft IT Pro, as the majority of the content is very technical. However, you will find that the videos are suitable for subject matter experts as well as those new to the technologies. My objective is to highlight the great resources available in the community and to be one of the best methods to keep yourself informed! If you wish to know when the latest episodes are released you can Subscribe to my YouTube Page or Follow me on Twitter    

Lee Berg

Systems Engineer