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UAG DirectAccess: Installation and Updates

Author by Shannon Fritz

UPDATE: My guide for Configuring DirectAccess with UAG Service Pack 1 has been released! Read it here.
Installing UAG is really straight-forward. Just insert the disc or mount the ISO (I like using the free Elby Virtual CloneDrive for that) and click the "Install Forefront UAG" link. When you're done be sure to install the latest updates too. In case you've never seen it here's a few shots of the installer. It takes quite a while to finish so you might want to do this over a sandwich. Click through the welcome screen Accept the license agreement Set the installation location (default is good) Wait for a couple minutes while it installs Roles and Features, Forefront Threat Managment Gateway and the Forefront Unified Access Gateway. When it's done, reboot. There are a few updates you can install now. And that's it for installation.  However, once it comes back up, don't bother opening the UAG Console just yet.  You have some more prerequisites before getting into DirectAccess.
Next Step:
Index 1. IP Addressing the UAG Server 2. Unified Access Gateway Installation & Updates 3. Firewall and DNS Considerations 4. Certificates, Groups and Client Requirements 5. Configure other Prerequisites for UAG 6. Configuration Wizard: Clients 7. Configuration Wizard: DirectAccess Server 8. Network Location Server (NLS IIS site) 9. Configuration Wizard: Infrastructure Servers 10. Configuration Wizard: Application Servers 11. Generate and Activate Policies 12. DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant 13. What won’t work over DirectAccess

Shannon Fritz

Infrastructure Architect & Server Team Lead