Tutorial on Connecting Power BI Designer to Dynamics CRM Online

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The most interesting feature of February 2015 update to Microsoft Power BI Designer is the capability to connect Dynamics CRM Online out of the box. We could earlier connect to Dynamics CRM online by using Odata. But, this update can help to connect CRM Online very easily by using the Power BI Designer interface.

The first step is to open the Power BI Designer and select GET DATA option as show in the image below.

[caption id="attachment_28759" align="alignnone" width="650"]Power Bi Designer connect to CRM Online Power BI Designer Get Data[/caption]

You can now see the Dynamics CRM Online connector in the OTHER tab as shown in the image below. Click the Dynamics CRM option and press the CONNECT button as shown in the image below

[caption id="attachment_28760" align="alignnone" width="500"]Power Bi Designer connect to CRM Online Power Bi Designer[/caption]

Paste the Odata link from your Dynamics CRM Online environment into the URL window as shown below and hit OK.

[caption id="attachment_28761" align="alignnone" width="650"]CRM Online CRM Online[/caption]

It will take you to an authorization page. Please insert your username and password and select “ORGANIZATIONAL AUTHORIZATION” option. I don’t see that authorization window as I have already established a connection to Dynamics CRM Online. So, once you establish a connection to CRM environment, you won’t need to reauthorize again. Now, you can see that Power BI designer is connected to Dynamics CRM Online and pulled up information like AccountSet, CalendarSet etc. Let me know if you had any issues while connecting to Dynamics CRM online using the out of the box CRM connector.


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