System Center with PowerBI and PowerView

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

At the Midwest Management Summit we talked through how you can use PowerView and PowerBI to configure visualization engines for your System Center data without third party tools.   To start, check out these queries and techniques from Christopher Mank.



  1. To setup PowerView for your System Center data, start here.
  1. Configure a SSAS tabular model, creating a new Analysis Services Tabular project with "SQL Server Data Tools"
  1. Select "Model" => "Import from Data Source", then insert your query.
  1. Build the model and deploy to your SSAS environment.
  1. Connect your SharePoint PowerView environment to your model using the name you saved the model (ex. PowerViewModel1).
  1. Build your Excel workbook off the data model and insert your PowerView visualization.
  1. Configure an auto-refreshing job for the tabular model under SSAS.



  1. Reference this blog for a walkthrough of configuring PowerBI
  1. Use the queries from the PowerView dashboard process in creating your PowerBI dashboards
  1. Configure an auto-refresh of your dashboard.

Happy reporting!


Nathan Lasnoski


Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer