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System Center Service Manager 2012 Web Portal Permissions

Author by Duncan Lindquist

Service Offering/Request Permissions: To configure which service offerings and request show on the web portal you need to create a catalog group containing all the Service Offerings and Requests that you want a specific group to see. After you have the catalog group you need to create a User Role to assign the users and groups that you want to see the set of Service Offerings and Requests in the catalog group. To do this open up your service manager console and follow these instructions. Now that you have the console open go to the Library tab and select Groups then Create a Catalog Group. In the Create Catalog items group choose a group name and store it in a custom management pack. On the Included Members tab click add. Next select the Service Offerings and Requests that you want the group to view. Then click add again. If you add only Service Offerings and no Request Offerings nothing will show up. You mus add the Request Offerings you wish to display. On the dynamic members, subgroups and Excluded Member tabs click next then click create. Now that we have our Catalog Group we need to create the security permissions for the group to do this go to the administration tab select user roles then Create User Role. In the General Section chose a name for the User Role. On the Management Packs page select the Management pack(s) that contain your Service Offerings and Requests and you catalog group. Click next until you are at the Catalog item and Groups. Select provide access to only the selected groups and select the catalog group that you created earlier. Now click next until you are on the users tab. In the users tab select add and chose the usersgroups that you want to view the Service OfferingsRequests via the portal. Users will now only see the Service Offerings and Requests in the catalog group on the portal and nothing else. So when you log in as the admin you will see this: When you log on as a user from assigned to the new user role you will see this:

Duncan Lindquist

Service Management & Automation Solution Lead