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SQL 2012 AlwaysOn protection in Data Protection Manager Error

Author by Matt Boudro

Data Protection Manager 2012 now has the ability to understand SQL 2012 AlwaysOn instances. While attempting a backup job on an AlwaysOn instance using DPM 2012 SP1, I ran into the following error:

SQL 2012 AlwaysOn protection in Data Protection Manager fails with Internal error code 0x80990F75

A search resulted in a Microsoft KB article: Unfortunately, their solution requires you to make the secondary member of the AlwaysOn instance as readable which will cost you an extra license on top of your current SQL licenses. Usually organizations will not want to license an extra SQL instance just for backup. In order to work around this issue, two things need to be accomplished on the SQL server configurations: First, ensure the Local System user is marked as sysadmin within the SQL Security configuration, as seen below: local-sysadmin Next, you'll need to configure the Availability Group Backup Preferences, which can be found under the properties of the Availability Group. Ensure that Primary is selected so that the DPM backup will pull from the Primary AlwaysOn instance as seen below: primary-backup After these settings are configured, DPM 2012 will successfully back up the SQL AlwaysOn instance. Hope this helps! Matt

Matt Boudro

Senior Systems Engineer