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Skype for Business Primers

Author by Andrew Bronstad

Microsoft has been holding an Office 365 World Tour in many city across the world.  There are 4 sessions in which Skype for Business (aka Skype4b, SfB) content was presented.  Some nice new features are coming down the pipe.

1. In place upgrades - This allows you to perform an in place upgrade of your Lync 2013 pools to Skype4b there is a good outline of the upgrade processes in the Servicing the Existing Deployment and Upgrading to Skype for Business (SfB) presentation.

2. Support for Always On SQL - This has been an outstanding request for my customers since Always On SQL has been available.  Now it's fully supported with guidance how to move from a SQL Mirror setup.

3. Cloud first hybrid - Now customers will be able to start out in the cloud with Skype4b Online.  Then if advanced features are needed a hybrid with on prem can be established.

4. Mobility Improvements - no more spinning doughnut when sending IMs to mobile users.  The message will be accepted on the best available endpoint.

There are many more items outlined in the presentations below.  I for one am excited to see enhancements that have been sticking points in the Microsoft UC space.  Happy Skype’ing!

Skype for Business: Reference Architectures and Design

Servicing the Existing Deployment and Upgrading to Skype for Business (SfB)

Skype for Business: New Meeting and Video Investments

Skype for Business: Server Core & Voice Improvements

Skype for Business: Ensuring Media Quality in the Network


Andrew Bronstad

Managing Architect - Unified Communications