SharePoint HyperLink Edit Column

Author by Hozafa Motiwala

Here's a no code and no script way of creating a SharePoint HyperLink Edit Column.

~ Begin by creating a new 'Calculated (calculation based on other columns) column in your SharePoint list.

~ Enter the following formula and change to match the name of your SharePoint site:

="[Item Update]"

(The ID field will not be there until the list item is created and the update will work only after an update has happened on the list item.  The other option is to use SharePoint Designer to copy the ID field to a text field and use that text field in the formula above.)

~ Choose the following data type for the formula:

Untitled picture

 ~ Click ok.

~ Add the column to the SharePoint Views you would like to.

~ In the SharePoint Display when you click on the item in the calc column you created, it will return the list item in edit mode.


Hozafa Motiwala

Technical Architect