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SharePoint 2013 RTM and Ready for Download

Author by Matt Engibous

Just back from the SharePoint 2012 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We are excited about all the new enhancements in SharePoint 2013.  On October 11th, SharePoint 2013 reached RTM (release to manufacturing).   On November 12th, SharePoint 2013 180-day trial became available for download.  That means anyone can download and start testing SharePoint 2013.  Volume Licensing customers with Software Assurance can download it now too. “Volume Licensing customers with Software Assurance (SA) will be able to download SharePoint 2013 on-premises through the Volume Licensing Service Center by mid-November. For business customers without SA, it will also be available on the Volume Licensing price list on December 1.” Now is great time to start installing and configuring SharePoint 2013 in a development/test environment.  Carefully read the minimum requirements, they have changed. Evaluation Download Hardware and Software Requirements Training for IT Pros     Reference: Thanks! Matt Engibous

Matt Engibous

SharePoint Architect & Solution Lead