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SharePoint 2013 Product Catalog Features On-Premises vs. Office 365

Author by Matt Engibous

Did you know that the product catalog feature is actually available in Office 365?  Many people don't and are missing out on some awesome capabilities to delivery content to users.  It takes a little more configuration but the core feature set is there.  Here's an overview of the features available:

Available in On-Premises and Office 365, what I like to call the "Prego. it's in there" features.

  Query rules, display templates, rank models, managed navigation, friendly URLs

  Search schema, analytics, CSOM, query builder and result sources

On-Premises only

  Product catalog site collection template

  User segmentation to drive adaptive interfaces

  Faceted navigation which supports taxonomy refiners

  Anonymous access for cross-site publishing not supported

Office 365

  E3 and E4 plans only - cross-site publishing

  Content search and content item reuse web parts

  Category and item page layouts

  Unable to modify search content sources (Microsoft manages this for you)


A few of us recently spoke at SharePoint Saturday Chicago Suburbs on using SharePoint's Product Catalog feature to deliver IT Service Management, check our our presentation.




Matt Engibous

SharePoint Architect & Solution Lead