SharePoint 2010 SP1 Download!! / Released

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 has been released!!  In addition to including every update up to this point, it also includes a number of key enhancements to the SharePoint platform.    Specifically, these are the key areas of improvement in SP1: Improved support for Internet Explorer 9.   Recycle bin and backup / restore capabilities:   Lets you restore a site collection or a web that was deleted.  This is HUGE functionality.  This has long been a gap in the SharePoint in-box recovery capabilities.  Remote Backup Systems (RBS) and shallow copy can decrease downtime and increase efficiency by moving pointers to databases instead of moving databases. You can see which folders are taking up valuable space with the improved Storage Management feature in site settings.  This is very valuable and similar to disk utilities that we've all become accustomed to.  The ability to see storage allocation will allow us to see how we can reallocate storage within content databases, or where we should move some content to archive. Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2011.  I'm really pleased with this, as SQL Denali is going to add a ton of features.  To see more information about SQL Server AlwaysOn in Denali, see the following: A more robust Search Host Distribution service that improves error recovery and performance during the search crawl. You can download the Service Pack here: Here is the full Service Pack fix log: Known issues with SharePoint 2010 SP1: Get ready to update! Nathan Lasnoski

Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer