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SharePoint 2010 Cross-Site Content Rollup using SharePoint Designer 2010 and a DataView Web Part

Author by Mark Rentmeester

To display a list in a site collection from a different site collection:

  1. Open Internet Explorer and browse to your SharePoint list from which you would like to display data from.
  2. In the ribbon, click on Library
  3. Click on Library Settings
  4. In Internet Explorer’s address bar, copy the contents of the url after the List=
  5. Open notepad and paste contents. Example:  %7B4C36CA74%2DF413%2D493B%2DA5FA%2D3C3B607FC5D5%7DNext we need to decode contents of the list GUID:Replace the beginning %7B with { Example:  {4C36CA74%2DF413%2D493B%2DA5FA%2D3C3B607FC5D5%7DReplace the %7D at end with } Example:  4C36CA74%2DF413%2D493B%2DA5FA%2D3C3B607FC5D5Replace all instances of %2D with – Example: {4C36CA74-F413-493B-A5FA-3C3B607FC5D5}Keep this window open as we will need the list GUID later.
  6. Open SharePoint Designer 2010.
  7. Open the web site where you would like to display the list contents.
  8. In the left-menu, under Site Objects, click on Data Sources.
  9. On the top, click on Data Sources tab, then on SOAP Service Connection.
  10. In the Data Source Properties window:
    1. Click on the login tab.
    2. Under options, select “Save this username and password in the data connection”. Enter appropriate service account and password that has access to the site.
    3. Click on the Source tab.
    4. In the Service description location field, type in: /_vti_bin/lists.asmx
    5. Click on Connect Now button.
    6. Set Port drop-down = ListsSoap.
    7. Set Option drop-down = GetListItems.
    8. Open the notepad file and copy the list guid from step 5.a above.
    9. In the Parameters sub window, double-click on listName.
    10. Paste the copied list GUID into Value field.
    11. Click on the OK button.
    12. Window should look similar to:
  11. Click on the OK button.
  12. In the left-menu, click on Site Pages:
  13. In the right-window, right-click on the page you would like to add the list and select checkout.
  14. Right-click on the file again and select Edit File in Advanced Mode.
  15. Left-click in the page area where you want to add the Data View.
  16. On the top menu, click on Insert then Data View, then under SOAP services, double-click on the connection created above (e.g. Lists on
  17. A Data Form Web Part will appear.

    Also, on the right-side the Data Source Details will appear.
  18. Save and check-in the page.
  19. View the page in the browser.


Note: If you don’t want the page to display the yellow bar shown below you have several options:

  1. Comment out the bar display in the V4.master file. Look for and comment out:
  2. Alternative method if you don’t want to hide all messages on page:

This article was written by Sam Krueger. It is currently moderated by Mark Rentmeester. 


Mark Rentmeester

Director of Application Development Services