Service Manager GRC Management Pack

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

I've been doing a ton of work lately around Microsoft Service Manager and have been blown away with the improvements we've been able to bring to businesses with this technology and the processes that surround it.  The Service Manager tool brings core ITIL processes, extensive customization capabilities, and direct integration of its CMDB into the other Service Management products.  This week, Microsoft released the IT GRC Management Pack for Service Manager (Governance and Risk). This management pack provides:
  • Management of risks, programs, and controls
  • Increased visibility into operational processes around risk management and operational control
  • Direct relationships between risks and controls and the IT business services
  • Incidents, problems, and changes directly tied to risks and risk programs
  • Reporting on aggregate risk management
Here's the overview from the announcement:
IT GRC Process Management Pack for System Center Service Manager The IT GRC Process Management Pack for System Center Service Manager provides end-to-end compliance and risk management and automa­tion for desktop and datacenter computers. Deeply integrated with Service Manager, the IT GRC Process Management pack translates over 400 complex regulations and standards into authoritative control objectives and control activities for the IT organization’s compliance program. The IT GRC Process Management Pack for System Center Service Manager—combined with the IT Compliance Management Series—helps customers understand and bind complex business objectives to their Microsoft infrastructure in an operationally efficient manner. IT Compliance Management Series The IT Compliance Management Series—a combination of IT Compliance Management Libraries for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, and Microsoft System Center—provides prescriptive guidance to help IT pros configure Microsoft products to address specific IT GRC requirements. This series helps to bridge the knowledge gap for IT pros by translating auditor expectations into real IT tasks through the use of control activities that are specific to a particular technology or platform. In addition to Microsoft System Center Service Manager and the Microsoft IT GRC Process Management Pack for System Center Service Manager, the series will help IT pros understand and bind complex control objectives to their Microsoft infrastructure. The series takes advantage of the ability of System Center Service Manager to integrate with System Center Configuration Manager to automate the monitoring, validation, and reporting of the compliance state of Microsoft products. The supplied control activities bind complex IT GRC re­quirements, stated as control objectives, to actual product configuration settings and events. System Center is then able to act as an IT GRC management and over­sight solution for an organization.
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