SCSM Notifications with Orchestrator Roll-Up

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

Hello Everyone, I've rolled up several recent blog posts on using Orchestrator for notifications in conjunction with various items, especially including some of the bugs we found along the way.  I've found that this technique has been scalable, easy to use, and helpful for the deployments we've been using it on.  The pairing of Service Manager and Orchestrator has its nuances, but the benefits are clear in the right implementation context.   SCSM Notifications with Orchestrator and SMLets:   Orchestrator not Loading SMLets in PowerShell Session in runbook:   Access Denied Registering Assembly DLL for SMLets on Orchestrator:   SCSM Notify "Assigned To" User on Assignment Change with Orchestrator   Enjoy!   Nathan Lasnoski


Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer