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Consider the implications of the following words: “It no longer makes economic sense to send an advertising message to the many in hopes of persuading the few.” That’s from M. Lawrence Light, former Chief Marketing Officer for McDonalds Corporation. If Mr. Light is correct, what does that mean for your business? Do you have tightly integrated tools (both sales and marketing) for seamless campaigns you can measure? On January 27, Concurrency and Microsoft sponsored an event titled “Microsoft Marketing Automation” at Microsoft’s Waukesha, Wisconsin offices to help marketing and technology managers integrate their marketing tools in a fast-changing digital environment. The room was packed with attendees interested to see “how the pieces all come together” through best-practices and case studies from actual implementations by Concurrency. The event comprised the following sections:
  • Mark Rentmeester, Concurrency Team Lead for Microsoft SharePoint 2010, presented best practices in implementing SharePoint 2010 For Internet Sites (FIS). With the 2010 release, SharePoint’s powerful web content management capabilities are complemented by total visual flexibility. Now if you wish you can recreate your existing internal or external website—pixel for pixel—but with SharePoint serving up content. Why have SharePoint handle your content management? Because consistency across your internal intranet, your public-facing intranet, and your extranet can reduce cost and get the most value from your content.
  • Marek Wawrzyniak, President and CEO of Glendale, Arizona-based Interactive Web Works, presented the case for inbound marketing and search engine optimization as central elements of your marketing strategy. Gone are the days of spending $30,000 on a glossy print magazine ad without knowing its direct benefit. Here is a new era of understanding the value of every click, lead, and campaign. Marek mapped the lay of the land across social media and Internet search—and then presented specific tactics for intelligent online campaigns, from keyword and website optimization to converting site traffic to qualified leads, and nurturing those leads with an email campaign.
  • Jason Foerch, Concurrency Team Lead for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, presented the integrated capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can only manage what you can measure. For the first time, companies can integrate their marketing and sales platforms for true 360 degree visibility of leads and campaigns. Too many companies are still struggling with sales and marketing platforms that don’t talk to each other. This new technology now brings everything together—for visibility, consistency, efficiency and, most of all, measurability.
Said Concurrency CEO James Savage, “We were thrilled with this event, which put together the whole package of how companies need to think intelligently about marketing—because their competitors are getting more intelligent, too. Companies need tightly integrated tools in order to manage and deliver the array of content that’s a natural part of campaigns that throw out the old model of blanket-message-delivery for a smarter, measurable approach.” Concurrency and Microsoft will next make this content available to Chicago business and technology managers at an event to be held February 24, 2012. For other Concurrency events, including recaps of past presentations, visit Concurrency’s Events page. To contact Concurrency about its practices in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, call 262-364-5800. To contact Marek Wawrzyniak of Interactive Web Works, visit

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