PowerBI Pricing: How's Free?

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

Microsoft just announced the pricing on PowerBI, which is now leaving preview and going into a production state.  The big news was, PowerBI is now "free".  That's shocking, as the base cost was initially $20.00 per any user in the preview.  This opens many, many doors to using PowerBI throughout organizations leveraging Office365.   The free instance is combined with a "non-free" instance called PowerBI Pro, which unlocks more of the advanced enterprise features, but even it is only $9.00/user a month, which is significantly less than the $20.00 it was previously.  Microsoft is obviously "all-in" with their online analytics suite.   We've been already using PowerBI in production environments with:
  • Line of business data visualization
  • Banking customer analysis
  • Healthcare customer analysis
  • Transaction analysis
  • Store vs. online purchasing analysis
  • System Center visualization
  • DevOps visualizations
  The pricing from Microsoft's site is as follows: PowerBI Pricing PowerBI Pricing 2 Check out the full pricing information here: PowerBI Pricing   Here are some other blogs and videos on using PowerBI: System Center Visualization with PowerBI PowerBI and System Center for Mobile Decision Making Automating Legacy Data with PowerBI Creating Awesome System Center Reports with PowerBI   Stand by for more blogs about how to leverage PowerBI for your business success.   Nathan Lasnoski

Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer