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Operations Manager 2012 Agent Push Error: Access is Denied

Author by Matt Boudro

During a recent System Center Operations Manager 2012 SP1 deployment, I encountered an issue with the agent push installation, specifically occurring on Server 2003 machines. The push immediately fails with the error:

“The Operations Manager Server could not execute WMI Query “Select * from Win32_OperatingSystem” on computer

Error Code: 80070005

Error Description: Access is Denied

The exact context can be seen below:

The error code documentation referenced a number of solutions, including firewalls, permissions and corrupt WMI. After exhausting those prior scenarios, I attempted some further root cause analysis, eventually finding the solution.

I discovered that the DCOM service was not enabled on the servers where this particular issue occurred. I found little troubleshooting discussion referencing the DCOM service, but in this particular case, it quickly allowed SCOM 2012 agents to be deployed on the affected servers.

The process to enable DCOM is relatively straightforward:

 You’ll need to open the dcomcnfg mmc using Run:

Next, expand the Component Services tree, finding My Computer under the Computers folder:

Right click on My Computer and select Properties, opening the My Computer Properties dialog box. On that dialog box, check Enable Distributed COM on this computer.

After a system restart, you should now be able to successfully push install the SCOM 2012 Agent.


Matt Boudro

Senior Systems Engineer