Office365 Features and Choices

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

We recently had a great Office365 event where we reviewed the Office365 product suite and its core benefits.   A question that came up in the audience was "why is Microsoft pushing the cloud?"  I personally think that question misses the point, because what Microsoft is really doing is providing options to consumers to choose a solution which best fits their business. What Microsoft has done with Office365 is provide a cloud based alternative to hosting services on-premise.   If you review the core solution sets of Exchange, Lync, SharePoint and identity management, you can see benefits and negatives of both on-premise and cloud solutions.  You can also see how many businesses may want to utilize both services (on-premise and cloud) for different types of users.  Microsoft's differentiator is that it is producing solutions for both on-premise and cloud based offerings, as well as integrating them together.

I'd strongly suggest you take a second to look at the Office365 site, including:

What are the "killer features" from my perspective?

  • Active Directory single sign-on to cloud services.  This is the single most important and critical feature to the enterprise.
  • SharePoint 2010 which is includes enterprise features.
  • Lync with an option for dial-in conferencing.  Incremental model for deploying Lync voice on-premise.
  • Exchange with large mailboxes and unlimited archive storage (in archive plan).
I'm excited to work with companies on building out enterprise solutions with Hybrid and dedicated models.  I think the most interesting thing as an IT consultant will be the opportunity to discover what solution best fits each business.  We have a really cool future in front of us. UPDATE!  For the video of our Office365 event, see the following: Nathan Lasnoski P.S. Stay tuned for some new posts on what Microsoft is doing with Azure and SCVMM 2012.

Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer