Office365 Features, Pricing, and Deep Dive

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

  I recently had the opportunity to present on the features of Office365 for audience of just under 200 in Milwaukee. There was a ton of excitement about what this new product set has to offer.  We started off talking about the business value of Office365, then shifted into live demonstrations of the offering, and closed with a discussion about the technical integration.  Here are the key components:
  • Office365 Overview
  • Office365 Plans
  • Office365 Pricing
  • Office365 Hybrid Models
  • Demonstrations
  • Integration and Active Directory (AD-FS)
  We recorded the event and you can find the full video here    Here is the overview of the Office365 pricing information: Check out the Office365 site here: Enjoy! Nathan Lasnoski

Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer