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Office 2013 KMS Error has occurred, STATUS_SUCCESS

Author by Shannon Fritz

I installed the Office 2013 KMS Host License Pack on a 2012 R2 KMS server so we could automatically activate Volume License editions of Office in an RDS deployment when the last step of the wizard have a rather peculiar, almost funny error message that said "The following error has occurred.  Please resolve the error and try again.  Description: STATUS_SUCCESS". image I'm not sure exactly what was so successful about that error, but after some digging around and then just looking at the wizard UI, I discovered that the KMS TCP listening port was set to 0  for some unknown reason. image The KMS TCP Listening Port should be 1688, not 0. After making that change, I was able to Commit the Configuration. image The last step in the wizard is not very intuitive, as you are given the chance to install additional Volume License KMS Keys if you click Next and the wizard basically starts over. But if you are all done, then you click Close. image And finally, use the slmgr.vbs script command below to ensure the server does indeed have the Office key installed and ready to start taking client requests. cscript %windir%\system32\slmgr.vbs /dlv 2E28138A-847F-42BC-9752-61B03FFF33CD I hope that helps!

Shannon Fritz

Infrastructure Architect & Server Team Lead