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New SharePoint Server 2016 Features From Ignite 2015

Author by Matt Engibous

Exiting times!  I’m in Chicago this week at the Microsoft Ignite conference and there’s a lot of great information coming out around Productivity and Collaboration.  Top of my list is Microsoft SharePoint 2016 on-premises and all the new enhancements and features coming in the next release.  Bill Baer and the SharePoint product team have made it clear that SharePoint on-premises is alive and well and will continue to be developed. Here’s some highlights announced for SharePoint Server 2016. Hybrid – More hybrid opportunities and functionalities with Delve, Office Graph, Search and OneDrive for Business.
“New way of hybrid is bringing the cloud back to the business” – Bill Baer
Upgrade – SharePoint 2016 will only support SharePoint 2013 database attach upgrade.  There’s still no in-place upgrade, not that you should ever want to do that.  Older versions of SharePoint have to upgrade to SharePoint 2013 first or content migration, 3rd party tool is a great option here. Authentication – SharePoint Windows identity over SAML claims.  Yep, SAML claims is the default and recommended.  It will be interesting to learn more about some of the other SharePoint features that have had challenges with Claims based auth like InfoPath some of the Business Intelligence features.  More to come… MinRole Provisioning – During installation you have the flexibility to provision a specific SharePoint role that has all the plumbing necessary for that component.  Server role options are: WFE, Application, Specialized Load and DistributedCache. Zero Downtime Patching – This seems too good to be true.  It’s smaller updates and reduced to the specific packages and roles installed on that server.  Patching is risky and can cause serious outages if not done properly.  A lot of time is spent patching SharePoint servers today.  This enhancement alone increases the availability of your SharePoint farm.  Can’t wait for this! Boundaries and Limits – 100k site collections per content databases, list threshold increased beyond 5k items and single maximum file size upload increased from 2GB to 10GB.  Simply put, no limits in SharePoint 2016! SharePoint 2016 limits           Durable Links – Id based URL’s that don’t change even when the content moves to another site or site collection.  Users can email links to content and not worry about a broken link if the content moves. User Profile Service – Big changes here.  The FIM service has been removed from the SharePoint 2016 installation, only AD oneway sync out of the box.  Ability to connect and bi-directional sync to FIM Sync service external to SharePoint farm. Search Service Application – This is awesome!  True hybrid search with one set of unified search results.
More Hybrid Features, Scalability, Reliability, Security and Insights
Check out other great announcements in Bill Baer’s session. What's New for IT Professionals in SharePoint Server 2016 Big thanks to the Microsoft SharePoint product team for their hard work and dedication in making this the best SharePoint release.  There’s many great enhancements being passed on to the customer because of the knowledge gained from SharePoint Online in Office 365.
SharePoint 2016 is a year away but your plan shouldn't be.
Now is the time to start planning your upgrade and migration strategy, especially if you’re not on SharePoint 2013.  Thanks! Matt

Matt Engibous

SharePoint Architect & Solution Lead