Milwaukee's BizTimes Interviews Concurrency Founder James Savage

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In its March 4, 2013 print issue, Milwaukee's business news magazine BizTimes featured a "Coffee Break" interview with Concurrency founder and president James Savage. Click here to read the full interview at the BizTimes. [caption id="attachment_12034" align="alignright" width="199"] James Savage - Concurrency founder and president[/caption] In the interview, James addresses questions including the hottest current trends in the IT industry:
"Transitioning IT to the cloud. Most small and medium sized businesses are almost definitely wasting money if they're not running key services from the public cloud. The days of small and mid-size businesses running servers in a closet are over. Large businesses need a strategy that balances public and private cloud opportunities. There are still a lot of corporate managers who haven't realized how much money they can save while also improving security and availability."
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