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Migrating contacts from one CRM organization to another using Scribe Online

Author by David Grooms

While contacts and other CRM entities can be imported and exported using file operations, sometimes you will need the additional capability offered by a tool such as Scribe Online. When migrating contacts from one CRM organization to another, there are several concerns. One of the first is setting the ownership of the contact records. The ownerid field of the source record may not match the ownerid of the destination user so you can’t just map the field. If you do not map the field to a particular user, the newly created record will be owned by the user executing the Scribe job. If the user names in both organizations are the same you can use a lookup to find the user in the destination system using the source owneridname, then set the ownerid field from the lookup. The entity type for the lookup is ‘systemuser’. The full map looks like: figure1 The lookup Criteria looks like: figure2 And the fields in the destination field mapping look like: figure3 If you want to substitute a default user for any users that don’t match, then one approach is a formula: figure4 This says that if the lookup for the user doesn’t find a match, return null for this field. This will cause the newly created record to be owned by the user executing the Scribe job. Alternately you could add a look up to a hard coded user and substitute that look up result instead of the Null. Keep in mind that if you use Team owned contacts, additional checks would be required to use the user for the user owned records and use a similar strategy to lookup the team by name for the team owned records. This technique can be used for entities other than contacts.

David Grooms

Senior Application Developer