Microsoft Operations Management Suite Announcement Details

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

Today at Ignite Microsoft announced the new Microsoft Operations Management suite, a software as a service based platform for delivering management to any cloud environment, whether on-premise, Azure, or Amazon.  The management of these environments is provided by monitoring, analytics, automation, configuration, availability, and security.  The opportunity to provide management from the cloud in a "management as a service" platform is what many of our customers have been asking for and now Microsoft is going to deliver it.   Operations Management Suite (OMS) is:
  • Cloud based
  • Shows data across platforms
  • Pricing
  • Direct-agent or System Center integrated
  The packs available currently include:
  • Backup.  The management of Azure backup solutions in Operations Management
  • Alert Management.  The management of alerts of problematic systems.
  • Automation.  The management of Azure-Automation runbooks and DSC.
  • Capacity Planning.  The management of private cloud capacity.
  • Security and Auditing.  The management of security event logs.
  • SQL Asssessment.  The validation of your SQL servers against best practices.
  • AD Assessment.  The validation of your AD against best practices.
  • Malware Assessment.  The validation of your servers against malware.
  • Change Tracking.  The tracking of your servers for future review.
  • Configuration Assessment.  The review of your servers against best practices.
  • Azure Site Recovery.  The management of Azure Site Recovery workloads.
  • System Update Assessment.  The review of updates within your servers.
More detail on some of these here in "10 Reasons to Use Azure Operational Insights". This was announced along with Microsoft Azure Stack, a cloud-consistent Azure experience in the private cloud.  If an enterprise or a service-provider wants to run the public Azure experience for its customers it can do-so using Azure Stack.  This includes the opportunity to use the Microsoft Operations Management suite across the public and private experience, fully managing the hybrid cloud. Test it out here.   Happy Management!   Nathan Lasnoski        

Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer