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Matt's MS Ignite Recap - Day 5

Author by Matt Herman

I only made it to two sessions this morning, but they were both good ones. To be honest, I had an early call that ran long, so I was late getting to the convention center and walked into the wrong room a couple minutes after the session started. By the time I realized my mistake, Mark Wahl had me engaged and I decided it was a good time to get up to speed on MIM 2016, which is replacing FIM. Check out the video, you won't be disappointed. Upgrading from FIM to Microsoft Identity Manager and Azure Active Directory I've gotten to work with Scott Culbertson on a project and he is doing some really cool things with Windows kiosk devices, which are really just Windows devices with proper security controls. This is functionality that has a place in most organizations, but a lot of organizations don't even realize they have access to it. Check it out, and by the end you will see how this can work in your environment. Creating Kiosk Devices with Windows 10

Matt Herman

Technical Architect