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Matt's MS Ignite Recap - Day 4

Author by Matt Herman

Day four is done, and it was definitely my best day. One of the great things about a conference like Ignite is the opportunity to meet and talk to so many people across the industry. I went a little lighter on sessions today to spend more time talking to people, and it was definitely time well spent. Whenever you go to a conference like this, make sure you take the time just to talk to people. You can watch the sessions later, but the conversation opportunities are only in the moment. Now on to some great sessions… The day started with Expert Level Windows 10 Deployment with Mikael Nystrom and Johan Arwidmark. All I can say is these are the best guys in OSD, in my opinion. Watch the video, read their blogs, follow them on twitter(@mikael_nystrom @jarwidmark), but most importantly, do what they say. It won't always be easy, and it may take you a while to get there, but they will take you further on OSD than you can imagine. My next session was on the new Business Store Portal. This is very new, and it will go through some growing pains, but if you are looking at Windows 10, you should look at this too. It will be your tool to purchase modern apps for domain users. Once purchased, you can also use it as a deployment tool, or you can bring the modern app into another management tool, like Configuration Manager, and deploy it just like any other application. If utilizing a single software deployment portal for your users is important to you, then you need to look at this. It does require Azure AD, but it works with the free version, which makes it a great way to start, if you haven't already. The day wrapped up with an Ask the Experts for Windows 10 Deployments session. This time Aaron Czechowski and Mike Niehaus joined others. When you get the four of them in the room, I think devices just self-deploy. Watch the session and you will get a lot of good insight on specific issues people face every day. Check it out here:

Matt Herman

Technical Architect