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Lync Traffic Flow Diagrams / Lync Workloads and Ports

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

In working with Lync, especially enterprise topologies, one of the most valuable skills is the ability to understand the flow of traffic within the infrastructure.  In Lync, there is an extensive number of ports used for various application services.  I've found that if I understand the flow of traffic, I can quickly diagnose a problem and determine its root cause.    Microsoft has produced some great traffic flow diagrams for Lync, which have been invaluable for me.  You can download the full diagram here:   I've also posted the images below for quick reference:   Lync Server 2010 IM and Presence Workload:     Lync Server 2010 A/V and Web Conferencing Workload:   Lync Server 2010 Application Sharing Workload:   Lync Server 2010 Enterprise Voice Workload:     Lync Server 2010 Central Management Service:     Hopefully this quick reference to these diagrams is useful to you!  I've definitely found them to assist me greatly in understanding and diagnosing traffic flow within the Lync platform, especially in enterprise voice / edge topology, etc.  Make sure to download the full diagrams and post them on your wall... ;) Nathan Lasnoski


Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer