Intune: Create WiFi PSK Policy for Android Devices

Author by Kim Claditis

Many people have tried to create WiFi policies for Android devices and discover that the only options available were the Certificates and Username/Password methods. But in the April update to Intune we are now able to create WiFi policies using Pre-Shared Keys. 1. First we need to create a new Policy. Navigate to Policy and Add a new Configuration Policy. 1 2. The Create a New Policy dialog box will pop up. Select Android Custom Policy underneath Android and then select Create Policy. 2 3. Fill in the policy Name and Description and then select Add. 3 4. The Add or Edit OMA-URI Settings dialog box will apear. Fill in the Setting name and select String for the data type. The OMA-URI is case sensitive so carefully type or copy the following: (Change the to your WiFi Profile name) 
4 5. For the Value you can either export the XML from %SYSTEMDRIVE%\ProgramData\Microsoft\Wlansvc\Profiles\Interfaces\\.xml or use the Android PSK XML Generator from this blog post. 5
Android PSK XML Generator Tool found here
  Once you have the XML past it into the Value text box and select OK. 6   6. Then select Save Policy and then deploy the policy to the correct Groups. Your Android devices should then automatically connect to the WiFi once the policy is downloaded to the device and the device is in range.

Kim Claditis

Marketing Manager