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Interview with Steven Buchanan

Author by Lee Berg

I have recently started a video series where I have been interviewing IT PROs, MVPs, and Microsoft Technology subject matter experts. I started the series becuase I found that while we have lots of great techinal content / demonstrations we rearely take the time to find out more about the experts themselves and some of the interesting projects they are working on. One of experts I had on my "wish list" to interview was Steve Buchanan. I am lucky to now call Steve my Co-worker so we sat down and recorded an episode! Read more about Steve Here In this video we talk about what Steve has been working on, consulting, writing books, TechEd 2014, "HyperV the energy drink" and more! Follow Steve online here: (@buchatech) Don't forget to keep an eye out for blog posts from Steve here on the Concurrency Blog!  

Lee Berg

Systems Engineer