Installing the FAST Prerequisites and Binaries

Author by Duncan Lindquist

Installing the Prerequisites 1. Open the FAST Search Server 2010 installer and click on install software prerequisites 2. On the Welcome to FAST Search for SharePoint installer page, click next 3. On the License page, accept the license terms and click next.  The installer may initiate a server restart during the installation. 4. Click Finish on the Complete Page 5. Restart the Server Installing the Fast Binaries 1. Before you install the fast binaries you must Enable PowerShell scripts to run. 2. Open the FAST Search Server 2010 installer and click on Install FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint. 3. On the license terms page enter your license and select next. 4. On the install destination screen select the location that you will install FAST Search.  I suggest installing it on a separate drive from the local OS. 5. On the Ready to install page click install.  When the wizard has completed click finish. 6. If you are installing a multi node environment repeat the steps on this page for each FAST server before you continue on with the installation Go back to Index

Duncan Lindquist

Service Management & Automation Solution Lead