I SPY DevOps – Part 1: Can You Spy DevOps?

Author by Christopher Mank

In the ever-evolving world of IT, there has been a great increase in discussions around DevOps. If you are new to the concept of DevOps or you're just looking for more information, I encourage you to check out the DevOps in the Enterprise blog.

While many organizations are just hearing about DevOps for the first time, still others are trying to wrap their brains around what it could mean to their business. No matter where you fall in either of these scenarios, some folks ask how realistic is this idea? Is this just some new fad that a group of technological magnates dreamt up one day while pondering the future of our industry? What you may find interesting is that the concept of DevOps can not only be applied in many different areas and industries, but it's being applied even today.

So let's play a game…I SPY DevOps. I am going to give you a scenario and your job is to identify the different areas of a DevOps mentality being employed. Ready? Here goes…

Less than a month ago, you and your spouse just celebrated the miraculous joy of bringing a new life into this world. You waited and endured the 9 months that led up to this moment and are now enjoying all that comes with adding a new member to your family.

After two weeks of no major issues, your little bundle of joy starts projectile vomiting all their food. Upon evaluation, it's determined your child has Pyloric Stenosis and requires surgery (Pyloric Stenosis is the thickening and swelling of the muscle between your stomach and small intestine, preventing any food from actually being digested).

As you sit in the prep room, you are greeted by the surgeon, anesthesiologist and a group of nurses who will be in the OR. They spend their time comforting you that they will do all they can to ensure the operation is a success. You are taken to the waiting room and given periodic updates from the nurse on how things are progressing. After the surgery is complete, the surgeon comes out and lets you know the surgery was a success (thank God!).

You are then escorted to your room where a team of nurses are there to help with the post-op process. They give you instructions on how the next 24 hours will proceed and track all the progress in Epic. The surgeon can then track that same progress in the same place. A group of nurses work with you throughout the entire night to ensure everything is progressing normally.

The next morning, a team of doctors meet with the nursing staff to discuss the status of each child on the floor and what the game plan is for the day. Later in the morning the surgeon and his team meet with you and let you know that things are progressing smoothly and you should be clear to go home later in the afternoon. By night's end, you are all sleeping soundly in your own beds, relieved and grateful to have this all behind you. A few weeks later you receive a survey in the mail asking you to rate your experience which you promptly fill out and send back in the mail.

Can you spy DevOps? Stay tuned for Part 2 where we'll break it all down together.

Part 1: Can You Spy DevOps? (this post)
Part 2: Answers Revealed

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P.S. Yes, this is a real-life story. A huge thank you to the medical staff at Milwaukee Children's Hospital. Levi is happy and healthy and we are grateful.


Christopher Mank

Systems Architect