How to Shrink the Orchestrator Workspace

Author by Concurrency Blog

I have found when working with Orchestrator Runbooks, sometimes I have a desire to replicate the Activities that are in an existing Runbook Workspace. With Orchestrator you have the ability to copy the Workspace from an existing Runbook to another Runbook. Occasionally I discover once the Workspace is copied to the new Runbook, the new Runbook Workspace is not centered properly. The horizontal scroll bar is positioned all the way to the right side of the Workspace as shown below. Okay not a problem, I just need to scroll to the left to view all of the Activities in the new Runbook. The nuisance here is, that this occurs any time that new Runbook is selected. How can we fix this? image The solution: Move the horizontal scroll bar to the left until you can see your Activities. Select all the Activities and drag them to the right side of the Workspace. This should shrink the Workspace and remove the scroll bar, positioning the Activities in the Workspace properly as shown here. image Hope that helps!


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