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Creating th FAST Search Query SSA

Author by Duncan Lindquist

1. To create the query SSA go to your SharePoint server and open Central admin. In Central admin under Application Management click Manage Service Applications. On the Manage Service Applications page click new in the top left hand corner and select Search Service Application. 2. In the Service Application name field enter the name you want for your FAST Search Query. For the FAST Service Application select FAST Search Query. In the Search service account select the search account we created. 3. In the next section name your two application pools what you want and set the SharePoint farm account as the security account. 4. On the next part of the form you will enter the information from the info.txt. file we opened during the Content SSA Creation. Match the fields to the information in the info.txt file just like in the picture below. Then click ok. 5. Now that the Query SSA is created we need to configure claims authentication for it to work. To do this we will need to create a certificate on the SharePoint server and add it to ALL of the Fast Search Servers. To do this open the SharePoint management studio as administrator on the SharePoint server, and run the PowerShell commands:
$stsCert.Export(“cert”) | Set-Content –encoding byte MOSS_STS.cer
6. These commands will create a copy of the certificate in the directory that we ran the commands from. In my above example the certificate is located at c:UsersspsearchMOSS_STS.cer. Now we need to make a copy of this certificate and move it to ALL of our FAST Search servers. 7. Now we need to log onto our FAST Admin node and open the FAST management studio as Administrator and navigate to the location: FASTSearchinstallerscripts. Next, run the following PowerShell command:
.intallSTSCertificateForClaims.ps1 –certPath “full path of the MOSS_STS.cer”
8. Finally, run the above PowerShell command on ALL your FAST Search servers. Once that is done your FAST Search install is complete and you are ready to start indexing and creating search centers!!

Duncan Lindquist

Service Management & Automation Solution Lead